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MandalaGIS is part of the Enterprises University Pretoria team who was awarded the project to review and redesign the Spatial Transformation Barometer 

We use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to:


Analyse phenomena in the built-environment: involving large areas, complex issues and multi-person teams

Leverage the power of digital computingalgorithmic processes, and communication technologies to foster collaborative, information-based design and planning projects.

We are a team of "system thinking" individuals, considering multiple interconnected systems which frame the structure of the built-environment in which we are living:


Our models and simulations evaluate impacts over larger areas, greater complexity, and longer time-frames than the normal spatial design proposals.


We are involved in the following industries:

MandalaGIS employees are graduated as Town & Regional Planners at the University of Pretoria.  This makes us ideal collaborators in Urban Planning projects

Urban Planning
Industry 01

We are involved in many high profile Regional Development projects, including the South African National Spatial Development Framework

Regional Development
Industry 02

We use a range of accessibility modelling tools and methods. We are well known for our work with Flowmap & Network Analyst modelling tools

Accessibility Analysis
Industry 03

MandalaGIS apply Demand-Share Analysis methodologies (including the effect of competitor locations and size) in identifiying well located sites..

Retail Location
Industry 04

Our land use analysis offerings include land use change, land use budgets, population allocation, economic trends and environmental impact assessments.

Land Use Analysis
Industry 05

We offer services to both the public and private health sectors.  Our main focus is expansion/retraction analysis for new locations and existing facilities.

Health Industry
Industry 06


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