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Breaking news!!

We moved our ScoutMaster Land-Use Survey tool to ArcGIS Online - Survey 123. 

ScoutMaster employs a SPLUMA-ready, parcel-based land use survey questionnaire. We implement "Skip Logic" drop-down lists for land use categories and sub-categories, ensuring standardized input from field workers on the survey form.. 

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We use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to:


Analyse phenomena in the built-environment: involving large areas, complex issues and multi-person teams

Leverage the power of digital computingalgorithmic processes, and communication technologies to foster collaborative, information-based design and planning projects.

We are a team of "whole system thinking" individuals, considering multiple interconnected systems which frame the structure of the built-environment in which we are living:


Our models and simulations evaluate impacts over larger areas, greater complexity, and longer time-frames than the normal spatial design proposals.

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Some of the fields we are involved in:

Urban Planning

MandalaGIS employees have graduated as Town & Regional Planners at the University of Pretoria.  This makes us ideal collaborators in Urban Planning projects

Retail Location
Travel flows - destination Menlyn_edited
Travel flows - destination Menlyn_edited.jpg

MandalaGIS apply Demand-Share Analysis methodologies (including the effect of competitor locations and size) in identifying well-located sites.

Regional Development

We are involved in many high profile Regional Development projects, including the South African National Spatial Development Framework

Accessibility Analysis

We use a range of accessibility modelling tools and methods. We are well known for our work with Flowmap and network Analyst modelling tools

Land-Use Analysis
Kempton Park Survey - Business - All for
Kempton Park Survey - Business - All formal activity - kernel zoomed_edited.jpg

Our land use analysis offerings include land use change, land use budgets, population allocation, economic trends and environmental impact assessments.

Health Industry
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health sector.png

We offer services to both the public and private health sectors.  Our main focus is expansion/retraction analysis for new locations and existing facilities.


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