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MandalaGIS is part of the GSDF team for the third time in a row!!

We are very excited to be part of the GAPP Architects and Urban Design team that was rewarded the Gauteng Spatial Development Framework review project. This is the third consecutive time that MandalaGIS formed part of the teams doing this prestigious project.

Source: MandalaGIS 2016

We are very proud to be part of the GAPP urban and regional planning team for the Gauteng Spatial Development Framework.

The aim of the project is to review the 2015 Gauteng SDF (of which we were also part).

Our most important contribution is the management of spatial data for the following purposes:

  • Additional analysis to quantify the effect of urban sprawl in Gauteng,

  • Updating and considering the latest environmental data for the province,

  • Support in creating a rural strategy for the Gauteng hinterland,

  • Investigate, and quantify, the normalization process in suburban housing of all racial groups in the country,

  • Updating the nodal and corridor strengthening strategy of the province,

  • Quantification of the current urban compaction rate and support in drawing up a future compaction strategy,

  • The mapping of large-scale development initiatives in the province,

  • Analysis of the nature and extent of economic nodes and workplace hotspots and,

  • The effect of climate change in the planning and management of the spatial aspects in the province


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