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The Karoo Regional Spatial Development Framework (RSDF)

MandalaGIS teamed up with the Akanya Development Services town and regional planning team to develop the spatial development framework for the larger Karoo arid region of South Africa.

Source: MandalaGIS 2021

The Karoo Region is a unique and awe-inspiring ecological, physical, social, cultural, and economic phenomenon stretching over four provinces in the South African landscape.

The Karoo Regional Spatial Development Framework (RSDF) aims to apply regional-scale thinking, conceptualisation and planning to the region in order to: (1) harness the full development potential of the region in a sustainable and transformative way, and (2) address the shared, large-scale regional challenges, such as climate change, poverty, inequality, and unequal access to, and participation in the economy.

The Karoo RSDF will focus on the following regional attributes, characteristics, dynamics, flows and processes:

  • Regional development drivers and threats

  • Regional spatial economics, interactions, and flows

  • Regional settlement histories and futures

  • Regional institutional alignment and cooperation


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